World of Tanks commemorates D-Day

World of Tanks is hosting a series of commemorative in-game events in tribute to the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

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From Wargaming:
World of Tanks commemorates D-Day

In honor of the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the Allied landing in Normandy on June 6, 1944, World of Tanks is introducing a series of commemorative in-game events to pay tribute to one of the most pivotal moments in World War II history. Activities include a brand-new PvE mode Operation Overlord, a thematic Battle Pass Season, a special historical livestream directly from the LCT 7074, the only known surviving Landing Craft Tank in the UK that participated in D-Day, and more.

From June 6th, tankers can play a brand-new solo PvE mode inspired by Operation Overlord, offering the chance to experience the combat of the Normandy landings. Participants will command an iconic M4A3E8 Sherman tank with the primary objective to breach though the fortified enemy defenses. By destroying coastal bunkers that protect anti-aircraft batteries, players will activate extra AI-powered support from Allied Forces recon planes and battleship artillery that will inflict colossal damage on the targets.

Tankers will also face additional challenges as the map is filled with deadly mines. To secure successful advancement, Commanders will have a secret weapon on their side: the Sherman Crab. The Sherman Crab was a specially designed mine-detecting tank that saw active service during WWII. It helped to safely navigate the battlefield by deliberately detonating land mines and will be critical on the path to victory.

With a special D-Day Battle Pass Season running from June till September players will progress through three chapters, each unlocking a new Tier VI Premium tank with Normandy-inspired 3D styles and introducing three unique crew members. The Season offers extensive rewards that include bonds, credits, premium account, equipment and other in-game goodies.

There will also be a special interactive D-Day Events Map available for tankers to learn about the events surrounding the anniversary. By progressing through a sequence of thematic missions, players will get special Tokens that can be exchanged for premium vehicles, unique customizations, and days of premium account.

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The World of Tanks team has prepared a surprise, as it will be live streaming on the official Twitch channel on June 8th 9:00 AM PST from the LCT 7074, the only known surviving Landing Craft Tank in the UK that participated in D-Day.

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