Pyromane burning-up ARK: Survival Ascended

Studio Wildcard
The Pyromane, the first of the new ARK Fantastic Tames DLC series of creatures, is now available for ARK: Survival Ascended. In addition, The Center expansion map has been released for cross-platform play.

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From Studio Wildcard:
The Pyromane

The Pyromane gives owners access to many unique abilities as this feline can quickly transform from a shoulder-mounted flame-throwing kitten, into a full-sized rideable lion that sets enemies ablaze! Each Fantastic Tame creature class boasts unique abilities, as a kitten, Pyromane serves as a flamethrower; throw it, and it becomes a full-sized lion. Ride it through lava fields, ignite enemies at will, and dash explosively through targets, leaving fiery trails. It can even cook raw meat and fuel forges. Additional Fantastic Tames are planned to be introduced later this year.

Additionally, The Center expansion map has been released for cross-platform play on Xbox Series XS, PlayStation 5, and Steam. This free update features a sprawling new map, double the size of the standard ARK Island, featuring tons of uncharted territories and surprises to discover. The never-before-seen Shastasaurus, found roaming The Center, is a massive but friendly underwater beast which comes with a special saddle equipped with a submarine pouch!

The Center was the first ever community modded map when it arrived on ARK: Survival Evolved. With its upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 in ASA it also introduces a brand-new dinosaur, the Shastasaurus. Chosen by community vote, the Shasta is a huge underwater beast that looks scarier than it truly is, curiously swimming up to humans without attacking! This beast of burden can carry an insane amount of weight, even featuring a special ‘submarine’ saddle allowing riders to breathe and survive the intense deep ocean pressure. Fully equipped with a submarine scope for players to see enemies above the water, the scope is also essential to see oncoming underwater combat torpedoes that deliver heavy explosive damage.

Premium Mods are now available for PlayStation 5 players, joining the already available ones on Xbox Series XS and PC, marking a groundbreaking milestone as ASA becomes the first game to enable professionally created Premium Mods to be sold to console players. This now enables creators and game studios to deploy, sell, and update their content directly to consoles dynamically. Premium Mods have price points ranging from $2 to $10, with 50% of all revenue going to the creators. Over 1,500 mods are now available for cross-platform play.

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