Chaos rises in Lost Ark

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Lost Ark's May update, Chaos Rising, will be released tomorrow, May 22nd.

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From Amazon Games:
Chaos Rising

Tomorrow, May 22, Amazon Games is launching Lost Ark’s May update “Chaos Rising”, introducing the Thaemine After Story, the challenging Trial Guardian Raid against Hanumatan, new tales in Music Box of Memories II, the mysterious Cruel Toy Castle Adventure Island and much more.

Highlights of the May update include:

• Thaemine After Story - Players who have cleared Thaemine Hard will be able to experience the Darkness Legion Commander’s Epilogue in a new story. The quest, “Shadow of the Moon” can be acquired from Knight Oscar in Luterra Castle. Players should visit him to learn more about what has happened with Thaemine after his recent assault on Arkesia.

• Trial Guardian Raid - Hanumatan - After Guardian Hanumatan crushed enemies in battle for the side of Light 500 years ago, he fell into a deep slumber. He awoke only after sensing chaotic energies possessing Arkesia, and concluded that the humans were the threats to the Arkesia. Players must aid in the fight to stop Hanumatan before his wrath destroys Arkesia. The raid will start on May 25 for heroes who want to test their skills and speed against a powered-up version of the Guardian, with many first-time clear and gold rewards for those successful.

• Music Box of Memories II - The Music Box of Memories is being updated with 6 new stories to uncover. These stories are different and will focus on the lives of some of the everyday citizens of Arkesia. With so much focus on our heroes of Arkesia, these stories will showcase how special the ordinary can be as well and share a glimpse at what life is like for others in Arkesia. This update will also come with new jukebox music, achievements, titles and more.

• Cruel Toy Castle Island - A new Adventure Island known as “Cruel Toy Castle Island” has appeared in the southern seas of Shushire. Players can enter using Procyon’s Compass, and will find an Ominous Paper when disembarking that will send them on a curious quest. Cruel Toy Castle Island adds new achievements, title, Mokoko Seed, Island Soul and Toy.

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