Kingdom Two Crowns hears the Call of Olympus

Raw Fury
The Call of Olympus DLC for Kingdom Two Crowns is coming later this year.

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From Raw Fury:

In Call of Olympus, players must defend and conquer the Greed to find out what waits on top of Mount Olympus. As the Monarch, gain access to the divine mountaintop by earning the favor of several gods. Players will embark on an island-hopping journey packed with unique challenges and puzzles to appease the gods and rise to victory on the mountain.

Announced at the kick-off of the Raw Fury Publisher sale (where Kingdom Two Crowns is available with a 75% discount on Steam) Kingdom Two Crowns: Call of Olympus is set in a fantastical interpretation of Ancient Greece and its mythos. An all-new campaign experience will evolve the classic Kingdom formula, including the ability to unlock powerful artefacts through quests that can be used to defend against the waves of Greed coming at night.

Key Features
• Greedified mythos and setting: Immerse yourself into an ancient Greek-inspired world in a pixel-perfect experience
• Seek the favor of the gods: Fulfill divine quests and earn powerful rewards
• Battle the Greed of epic scales: Build up to confront the threat that looms over Mount Olympus

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