Serenity Forge celebrating its tenth anniversary

Serenity Forge
Serenity Forge has launched a celebration of its tenth anniversary with merchandise and giveaways, and by giving a remaster of its first game, Loving Life, away for free on Steam.

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From Serenity Forge:
Serenity Forge celebrating its tenth anniversary

Serenity Forge (Doki Doki Literature Club Plus), a leading publisher and developer of indie games, is ringing in 10 years of operation this week with an anniversary celebration that includes a remastered edition of its inaugural title, Loving Life, coming to Steam at no cost and Nintendo Switch for $0.99. This autobiographical story of Zhenghua Yang (otherwise known as Z) is the real-life tale of the dramatic series of events that led to the founding of Serenity Forge, given to players as a gripping visual novel with hand-painted art. Alongside this remaster comes an array of new themed merchandise and giveaways.

Over its first decade, Serenity Forge has released 54 games across PC, consoles and mobile, in both digital and physical formats. With titles like Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, LISA: Definitive Edition, and the recently announced physical editions of Needy Streamer Overload, Serenity Forge continues its mission to realize the emotional power of games to impact, challenge and change players’ perspectives. But it all started with Loving Life.

Loving Life is a retelling of Serenity Forge’s beginnings from the perspective of Z, the company’s founder. In this remastered version of the heart-wrenching visual novel, players can follow Z through a near-death experience that inspired the creation of a company that would go on to become a force in the world of indie games. Included in Loving Life’s remaster is a number of accessibility updates including options to change and fast forward text, as well as an updated resolution to standard 16:9 fullscreen and remastered visuals.

Serenity Forge fans can also show their love for the publisher with a brand-new line of 10th anniversary merchandise that can be pre-ordered starting today, including:

• 10th anniversary Water Bottle - $19.99
• 10th anniversary Notepad - $14.99
• 10th anniversary Beanie - $19.99
• 10th anniversary Baseball Cap - $19.99
• 10th anniversary Logo T-Shirt - $24.99
• 10th anniversary Long Sleeve T-Shirt - $24.99
• 10th anniversary Ramen Noodles T-Shirt - $24.99
• 10th anniversary Ramen Noodles Long Sleeve T-Shirt - $24.99

Pre-order these items at the Serenity Forge store today.

Finally, stay tuned to the Serenity Forge Twitter page as the team gives away a host of premium content from the Serenity Forge online store, with steep discounts across the catalog as well.

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