New Minecraft graphic novel series debuts this fall

Dark Horse Comics
The Minecraft: Heart of Cobblestone graphic novel series will debut its first volume in October.

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From Dark Horse Comics:
The Minecraft: Heart of Cobblestone graphic novel

Dark Horse Books and Mojang continue their partnership, bringing fans of Minecraft new, original stories set in the world of the beloved game. Soon, Minecraft enthusiasts of all ages can dive into a new graphic novel by writer Andrew Clemson (Damsel from D.I.S.T.R.E.S.S., Bete Noir) and cartoonist Jeremy Lawson (Teen Titans GO!, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) on an exciting new Minecraft adventure in the clouds. Minecraft: Heart of Cobblestone Volume 1 will build skyward toward audiences, arriving in October 2024.

Farmer Cobb likes to keep his crops as neat as possible, which is frustrating when he has neighbors who like to chow down on his fresh produce without asking! Then there’s villagers who can’t stop themselves from planting potatoes in his field without rhyme or reason. After a rough encounter with an Enderman he finally decides to get as far away from everyone and everything as he can . . . building a tower up into the sky!

When a stranger shows up on his new sky island and reveals a whole town full of people who desired peace and quiet just like Cobb, he accepts an invitation to join the town of like-minded hermits and moves onto a plot they so generously give him. But he learns that his neighbors in the sky might be even more disruptive than those on the ground. As tensions rise sky high, he is reminded that he didn’t just have neighbors down below, but caring friends. Friends he may need to protect.

With over 300 million video game copies sold across all platforms, readers can jump into one of the most popular (and ever-growing) worlds in a new format when the 88-page (6” x 9”) paperback graphic novel, Minecraft: Heart of Cobblestone Volume 1, hits bookstores on October 15, 2024 and comic shops October 16, 2024. Pre-order now from your local comic shop, bookstore, TFAW, Amazon or Barnes and Noble for $10.99.

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