Fabledom opens its gates

Dear Villagers
The fairy tale city builder Fabledom is now available in full release on Steam.

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From Dear Villagers:
Fabledom is now available in full release on Steam

Once upon a Village... Set in a wholesome fairytale world, Fabledom is the ideal laid back City builder. Enjoy the growth of your settlement, trade and use diplomacy to ally or challenge your neighbors, and most importantly, find yourself a prince or princess and live happily ever after!

Grenaa Games, a small but passionate studio, has tirelessly worked to expand the cozy world of Fabledom, delivering continual updates and features throughout Early Access for a whole year since the release of the early access on April 13th, 2023. From expanded romantic journey and diplomacy options to new fairy tale encounters, there's always something magical to discover in Fabledom.


 · Create your Kingdom from scratch and fill it with castles, barracks, farms, fields, houses and more!

 · Customize your buildings to your liking, with a variety of decorations and utilities available to create the coziest and most functional village in the entire Kingdom!

 · Gather your Army, choose your Champion and defend your Kingdom against evil neighbors and minions. Or go forth and conquer, sending your Hero to fight on your behalf on a powerful quest to collect epic items and gear!

 · Find a Princess or Prince Charming and marry for love! Or money! "Diplomacy" is the name of the game in feudal times, and Fabledom's extensive negotiation mechanics allow you to unite out of mutual interest - or battle for dominance!

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