Steam is playing a Dirge

NonNobis Games
The multiplayer horror game Dirge launched on Steam today.

The Mercury
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From NonNobis Games:

Dirge is an online co-op game set in the post-World War II period, where players join the Paranormal Investigator Task Force to uncover the mysteries behind supernatural occurrences, facing terrifying monsters and malevolent forces while working together to survive and complete tasks.

In Dirge, players team up to explore haunted locations, gathering items and facing challenges against paranormal adversaries. In contrast, in PvP mode, one player becomes the monster hunting the rest, with fallen players aiding their team as spirit orbs, ensuring a strategic experience even in death.

Players can choose from various investigators with unique abilities to combat paranormal threats, strategize for survival, or take control of monstrous entities like the Wraith, utilizing stealth and power to eliminate investigators and dominate the night.

Delve into meticulously designed maps such as Hillview Manor, Quetico Forest, and City of Wakefield in Dirge, where each harbors secrets and challenges, fostering intense gameplay in cooperative or PvP modes. Explore these locations to uncover their mysteries and shed light on the supernatural threats menacing the world.

Dirge, a passion project for our team, has evolved during Early Access with community feedback, incorporating player ideas to enhance the gaming experience. As we transition to Full Release, we're excited to embark on this journey with you, creating a unique gaming experience. Explore Dirge's eerie world and face your fears today!

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