Halo Infinite gets another case of the yaps

Halo Infinite has launched its latest operation, The Yappening II, with a new free 20-tier Operator Pass, new playlist, customizations, and more.

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From Xbox:
The Yappening II

The Yappening II – the latest Operation in Halo Infinite – is here, and brings bountiful boons of new goodies such as a new, free 20-tier Operation Pass filled with Grunt-themed customization rewards, the Gruntpocalypse playlist for Firefight: King of the Hill mode, and more. In addition, a new Arena map – Corrosion – will be added soon.

New Arena Map: Corrosion
• Set in an abandoned mineral refinery within the vast deserts of Zeta Halo, Corrosion is a new Arena map created in Halo Infinite’s Forge. Watch your step during on-foot skirmishes, as not even Mjolnir armor will be able to protect you for long if you venture into the boiling green pits of acid around this site. Corrosion will arrive in-game on week three of the Operation with a bespoke 24/7 Playlist to let you splash around and get your feet wet (at your own peril).

Gruntpocalypse Playlist
• With The Yappening II, Firefight: King of the Hill is evolving into its ultimate form: Gruntpocalypse! From April 3-16, it’s all Grunts all the time. Skulls are guaranteed every round, and there’s also a Fiesta version that features random loadouts with each spawn—so get ready to jump into the Gruntpocalypse playlist tomorrow and face the mightiest bravest most numerically superior army in the galaxy.

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