Torchlight: Infinite streaming Whispering Mist reveal

XD Games
XD Games will be streaming a live reveal of the content coming to Torchlight: Infinite with the Whispering Mist season on April 13th at 9:00 AM PDT.

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From XD Games:

Rumors have been swirling among fans about the enigmatic theme of Torchlight’s upcoming season. Legend has it that there is a place — desolate and eerie — where reality warps, time bends backwards and a sinister mist holds sway. This land is none other than the mysterious - Mistville!

The forthcoming season will plunge players into the heart of this foggy and foreboding city. As hunters traverse this Netherrealm, they will encounter its denizens — the Mistville Residents — whose defeat is crucial to unravelling the mysteries that lie within.

The season preview livestream promises fans an array of riveting reveals. These include brand-new gameplay elements exclusive to this season, innovative hero traits ready to be mastered, epic outfits, and significant feature adjustments aimed at enhancing gameplay for an all-round smoother Torchlight: Infinite experience.

Fans can also expect the unveiling of a hot and highly-anticipated feature that has been eagerly awaited for some time, giving them all the more reason to tune into the livestream for some thrilling debuts.

Torchlight: Infinite players — whether seasoned hunters or budding newcomers — can tune into livestream for a sneak peek of SS4 via Twitch or YouTube on April 13th at 9AM PST so save the date today!

Following a number of successful seasons Torchlight: Infinite is proud to be gearing up for another season of high-octane, dungeon crawling action which will officially commence on April 18 at 7PM PST.

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