The Atari 400 Mini lives

The 400 Mini, a mini version of the 1979 home computer, the Atari 400, launched today.

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400 Mini

To celebrate the launch, there is something rather special hiding within the innards of this perfectly formed homage to one of Atari’s best capers. While the two companies involved in the creation of The 400 Mini don’t want to give too much away, it is quite possible that there may be more to this mini system than the previously advertised 25 games. Given Easter is upon us, perhaps Atari fans will be able to add another couple of Easter Eggs to their chocolate haul.

“We’ve had a lot of fun over the last three months telling our fans all about The 400 Mini and what it has to offer," said Paul Andrews, Managing Director at Retro Games Ltd. "If you’ve been following the story, you’ll know all about the 25 pre-installed games, the HDMI and USB compatibility, and the fact that we love retro and want to preserve the history of video games. Our 400 Mini replica has been lovingly crafted to emulate the 1979 design classic, and will look great on any desk, offering the opportunity of a 'super breakout' from the daily grind. And if they look hard enough, retro gamers will be rewarded with an egg-stra special treat."

No compromise was made relative to the iconic look and feel of the original Atari 400 – The 400 Mini is a direct replica, albeit at 50% of the size of the original. Cherished memories from the past must be treated with respect, care, and attention so that players can remember who they used to be when pixels ruled the world. In addition, the rise of digitally released games is making it harder for collectors to physically own their favorite things, and it is these players who are looking to take advantage of limited-run offerings such as The 400 Mini.

For those retro fans looking to buy today before the limited stock runs out, they’ll be pleased to hear that in addition to the pre-installed software, players can also side-load their own games via USB stick.

The 400 Mini is available now for US/CN orders at Amazon.

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