The Gauntlet goes live in Diablo IV

Blizzard Entertainment
The Gauntlet Challenge is now available for play in Diablo IV.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:
The Gauntlet goes live in Diablo IV

Starting today, players can take on the Gauntlet! This adrenaline-fueled challenge is available to all classes in the Seasonal Realm, whether normal or Hardcore. Activate the Gauntlet by traveling to the southwestern port of Gea Kul in World Tier IV and get ready for a hard-fought battle in this fixed, non-linear Dungeon. Maximize scores in the Gauntlet to improve the rewards available. Players can also earn Seals that will mark their prowess for the week. And finally, those that place in the Top 10 on any Leaderboard will have their name and character immortalized in the permanent Hall of the Ancients.

For those looking to compete in the Gauntlet contest, this will launch after the Gauntlet has had time to be balanced around your skills and abilities. With the upcoming midseason update, the team wants to ensure they can monitor feedback and make updates as needed.

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