Halo Infinite facing another showdown

Halo Infinite has launched the Cyber Showdown III Operation.

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From Xbox:

Embrace the “viral machine” of Cyber Showdown III, a cyberpunk take on the aesthetics of the CHIMERA armor core. The 20-tier Operation Pass offers free customization rewards, including coatings, weapon charms, and emblems, which are a visually twisted fusion of organic elements in digital form. The majority of customization content can be used across armor cores within Halo Infinite Multiplayer. Premium options are also available for the Operation Pass, including an additional Challenge slot, a bonus Emberbreak armor coating, and more.

Additionally, an all-new multiplayer map, Elevation, makes its debut. Taking place aboard a space elevator, Elevation is a map created entirely in Halo Infinite’s Forge mode. On Elevation, indoor combat will keep your boots on the ground, but heading outside into the low gravity of space might send you on a one-way journey to the planet below.

The beloved Husky Raid game mode – a chaotic twist on Capture the Flag with Fiesta-style random weapon loadouts – gets even huskier with the addition of six new maps created in Forge by Halo community cartographers, including:
• Formation
• Merchant’s Square
• Outlook
• Pharaoh
• Ruujaya
• Urban Raid

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