Diablo IV throwing down the gauntlet

Blizzard Entertainment
The Gauntlet, a fixed non-linear dungeon, is coming to Diablo IV on March 5th.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:

On today’s Campfire Chat livestream, community director Adam Fletcher, associate game director Joseph Piepiora, and lead live class designer Adam Jackson announced The Gauntlet is coming on March 5. Annacakelive and MacroBioBoi joined them for some live gameplay. They also discussed the mid-season update for Season of the Construct, which will see many class balance updates, plus the return of some updated vampiric powers from Season of Blood.


• Coming March 5, The Gauntlet is a fixed non-linear Dungeon that will pit players of the same class against each other for top rank. Access the Gauntlet in the Seasonal Realm on World Tier IV by traveling to the southwestern port in Gea Kul.

• The Gauntlet will conclude each week on Tuesday at 8 a.m. PST, and the next will emerge at 10:15 a.m.

• Obtain Proofs of Might by slaying demons, opening chests, and completing events. Pillars are scattered throughout the Gauntlet and can increase the number of Proofs earned from each Monster kill.

• Players’ final weekly score will earn Seals, which are used for eligibility to place on the Leaderboards. There are four ranks to earn: Seal of the Blooded, Seal of the Steadfast, Seal of the Iron-Willed, Seal of the Worthy.

• Upon the weekly reset, players will earn Caches of Trials which guarantee one Ancestral Legendary and scales in rank with the Cache awarded. Earning the Seal of Worthy will grant the most covetous treasures.

• Leaderboards are separated by Class, Party size, Normal, and Hardcore. Those who place in the Top 100 of any ladder will earn a Conqueror’s Crest Mount Trophy. Placing in the Top 10 of any Leaderboard will immortalize your name and character in the Hall of the Ancients.

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