Need For Speed Unbound unveils Volume 6

Need For Speed Unbound is planning on four new live service drops as a part of Volume 6.

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From EA:
Need For Speed Unbound unveils Volume 6

Need for Speed Unbound continues to build towards the ultimate NFS experience, all in one place for the first time. Volume 6 introduces a dedicated PvP mode, now accessible immediately from the multiplayer garage, allowing racers to jump straight into competition with 25 new PvP races, available in both the namesake mode and Free Roam. With three rotating Weekly Playlists, there will always be something to cater to every type of petrol head. Volume 6 also sees the welcome return of Audi with the debut of the elegant and powerful RS 6 Avant (2020) alongside the fully customisable R8 Coupé (2019) and S5 Sportback (2017), all with unique body kits, custom liveries, and distinct handling and audio.

Players can now earn status across both Single and Multiplayer with the new Rank system and complete a reimagined Speed Pass with an optional Premium track that grants access to top-tier items ·. To celebrate the 30-year anniversary of Need for Speed, purists can go back in time with the Darius’ Custom Audi R8 Coupé ’19, an updated version of his NFS Carbon ride. Additionally, NFS Legends-themed challenges in the Weekly Playlist kick off with a nod to where it all began, showcasing the iconic Ferrari Testarossa Coupé (1984) as a tribute to the original Ferrari included in the 1994 classic The Need for Speed. The exciting content featured in Need for Speed Unbound Volume 6 includes:


The PVP mode is the direct gateway to the heart of racing action, accessible immediately from the MP garage, with 25 new races available in both the dedicated mode and Free Roam, via the Open Playlists feature.


Each week, three rotating curated playlists, plus a Quick Race option, cater to a diverse range of racing styles and preferences where participating racers can earn boosted XP. In these rotating options, we’ve introduced thematic Audi-focused and “NFS Legends” playlists alongside performance tiers, including four new S+ Tier Playlists. Whether engaging through the dedicated PVP mode or Open Playlists in Free Roam, they are the gateway to intensified competition.


Audi makes a statement entrance with the return of the Audi R8 Coupé (2019) and S5 Sportback (2017), alongside the franchise debut of the Audi RS 6 Avant (2020). Each model is fully customisable with multiple distinct body kits and unique engine audio, adding to the realism. Players can also unlock a Rare Custom version of each model through the Premium Speed Pass ·.


‘Rank’ is a new way to earn respect and showcase prowess as racers play through single-player or dominate multiplayer to climb the ranks. Each newly conquered Rank Division unlocks a Decal, Banner Frame, and Banner Title (a customisation feature introduced in Volume 6), turning every advancement into a visible badge of honour and skill.


The new ‘NFS Legends’ content is where history meets the future. Volume 6 ignites the NFS legacy by introducing Darius’ Custom Audi R8 Coupé ’19 in the Premium Speed Pass and the famed Ferrari Testarossa Coupé (1984) as a nod to the Ferrari from the first and undeniable classic, The Need for Speed.


The new Speed Pass is packed with customisation content across 45 unlock tiers, including the Audi R8 Coupé and S5 Sportback with multiple body kits.

There are also unlockable XP Boosts that accelerate Rank and Speed Pass progression.
• CAR: Audi R8 Coupé (2019)
• CAR: Audi S5 Sportback (2017)
• BODYKITS: R8 and S5
• RIVAL RACER CHARACTER SKINS FOR MP: Ross, Justicia, and Youmna
• BANNER FEATURE: Banner Titles
• And more, 45 Total Tiers to Unlock


The Premium Speed Pass is the new, singular ticket for premium content as part of NFS Unbound’s live service. The Volume 6 Premium Speed Pass immediately grants the new Audi RS 6 Avant (2020) and access to its body kits and three Rare Custom versions. Players can also unlock Rydell as a playable character skin in multiplayer, infinity cosmetics, new VFX and SFX options, and more.

• CAR: Audi RS 6 Avant (2020)
• NEW CUSTOM: NFS Legends - Darius’ Custom R8 Coupé (2019)
• NEW CUSTOM: NEXTECH Tourenwagen - Custom S5 Sportback (2017)
• NEW CUSTOM: "Michèle" - Custom RS 6 Avant (2020)
• COSMETICS: Infinity Rims and Plates
• COSMETICS: Car Projections
• And more, 30 additional tiers total in the Premium Speed Pass

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