Women-Led Games Showcase returns in March

Women-Led Games
The Women-Led Games Showcase will be streamed online from March 8th through 10th.

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From Women-Led Games:

The Women-Led Games Showcase is back for its second annual event between March 8th and 10th, and it is bigger and better this year with the support from incredible sponsors such as Devolver Digital, WINGS, and Big Blue Sky Games! This three-day online showcase kicks off on International Women’s Day and is a unique event focused on highlighting women-led and majority-women game studios, developers, and content creators.

“Women don’t need to ask for a seat at the table: we’re creating the spaces we want to see.” - Women-Led Games Showcase

The daily Twitch and YouTube livestreams during the event between 5:00pm - 6:00pm EST will feature game trailers, announcements, and interviews with developers and content creators.

March 8th - Game trailer and announcement showcase featuring 22 different videos, including console announcements, release date, and new game reveals. Expect to see a console launch reveal from Nerial and a brand-new game reveal from Big Blue Sky Games!

March 9th - Developer deep dive interviews with some of the games shared in the showcase, including Sydney Stockdale from SunnySide, Tamara Alliot from Nerial, and Crystal Sciarrino from Critter Crops.

March 10th - Content creator panel hosted by the radiant KiwiOnTheSticks, where she’ll be talking with guests sweetxsage, KleopatrahJones, ChelseaBytes, Knimbly, DontBGelas, and YessieXO in three superb segments:
• Segment 1: Tech + Setups ft. ChelseaBytes and KleopatrahJones - Chelsea's experience with building gaming PCs. Small Setup Tour with KleopatrahJones. Tech representation in content creation
• Segment 2: Cozy Games + Calm Brains ft. Sweetxsage and Knimbley - Maintaining mental wellness in content creation. Creating a cozy community. How games positively impact mental health.
• Segment 3: On the Rise ft. DontBGelas and YessieXO - Establishing yourself as a content creator. People who inspire them and how they use that inspiration on their journeys. Setting goals as an up-and-coming creator

In addition to the livestreams, viewers can play demos for the games participating in the event during the WINGS Women’s Day Steam Sale Event that runs from March 1st to 10th. Celebrate International Women’s Day by playing these demos and adding them to your wishlist. It’s an excellent way to support women!

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