Age of Empires Mobile details revealed

TiMi Studios
The first details of Age of Empires Mobile were revealed today during the New Year New Age livestream from Microsoft.

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From TiMi Studios:

Age of Empires Mobile is a new chapter for the illustrious franchise, customized for mobile play with a broad array of exciting elements from the existing series, as well as new features to assure strategic, simulated battles across a variety of modes:

• Discover the charm of the original PC series with its fast combat and base building as well as elements of real-time strategy gameplay
• Engaging multiplayer action including all-new epic siege battle gameplay that unites global players and forges rivalry among others
• Introduce mobile players to some of the series’ most popular components, such as empire-building and strategic battles on a huge, persistent battlefield and 1-on-1, player-versus-player combat
• Build teams from dozens of historical and legendary leaders, including King Arthur, Joan of Arc, Julius Caesar, Leonidas I and the Queen of Sheba, each featuring their own talents and identifying how to synergize them for emergent PvP and PvE play

The first details for the free-to-play Age of Empires Mobile were introduced during a broadcast showcase event, Age of Empires: New Year, New Age. TiMi and World’s Edge begin testing soon. Pre-register on the App Store and Google Play in North America, South America, Europe, MENA and Southeast Asia to remain up-to-date on play tests and the official launch later this year. For more information on which countries and regions will be testing first, check the Age of Empires Mobile website.

Earnest Yuen, Senior Director of Production at World’s Edge said, "We're excited for even more players around the world to experience the magic of Age of Empires with the upcoming launch of Age of Empires Mobile. Combining the strategy games expertise and rich heritage of World's Edge with TiMi's excellence in mobile gaming, we're building a brand-new way for players around the world to join the Age of Empires universe."

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