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Dying Light: The Board Game is coming to Kickstarter on February 27th.

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From Glass Cannon Unplugged:
Dying Light: The Board Game

Designed by Przemyslaw Zub and Bartosz Tomala, Dying Light: The Board Game is a cooperative narrative adventure game designed for 1-4 players. Set in the last city on Earth, Villedor, players must survive encounters with the zombie-like Infected as they balance the demands of the various ruling factions. Dying Light: The Board Game provides an intuitive and easy-to-learn ruleset that can adapt to dynamic playstyles and narratives. It features an original, adrenaline-fueled parkour and combat system that makes full use of an expansive city map and an impactful day and night cycle.

In the first 24 hours of the campaign, backers at the standard pledge level and above will receive an exclusive character pack for Dying Light protagonist Kyle Crane. This add-on allows him to become a fully playable character with a dedicated miniature, standee, character card, and unique weapon.

Dying Light: The Board Game Features:

• Modular Game Board — Run, climb, and jump through the city of Villedor, brought to life through double-sided board tiles and easy-to-build 3D structures, interactive aids, and hazards.

• Engaging Parkour and Combat — Assume the role of a Runner and use Action Dice to elevate simple actions like running, climbing, jumping, and fighting into game-changing stunts.

• Detailed Miniatures — The Standard Edition includes 76 standees, each with a plastic base ring, while the Deluxe Version elevates this with 76 high-quality plastic miniatures crafted on a realistic scale of 32 mm. These include 4 Runners, 8 Bandits, 60 Infected, and 4 Large Infected Bosses.

• Night and Day — Experience the duality of day and night, each offering a dramatic shift in challenges and possibilities. This system is reinforced through the use of stickers for buildings with content visible only under UV light.

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