The Oregon Trail rides onto PlayStation

The Oregon Trail is now available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and is available at a launch discount for PlayStationPlus subscribers.

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From Gameloft:

In The Oregon Trail, players are put at the center of all the trials and tribulations of the journey westward. They must stock their wagon, choose their traveling party, and make sure they all arrive safely to Oregon by making tough choices in dangerous and unexpected situations. Players will also learn the real history behind the trail, including Native American stories, which is a first in the franchise.

The release of The Oregon Trail on PS4 and PS5 is a faithful adaptation of the Apple Arcade version and has been created with the support of Gameloft Lviv. The PS4 and PS5 versions include all five previous Apple Arcade content updates, events, visual filters, and accessibility options such as an updated high contrast mode that increases the visibility of certain elements to better assist players with low vision. The PS5 version specifically offers DualSense controller support to make use of its adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and its internal speaker, runs at 4K at 60FPS, and supports PlayStation Activities and Trophies.

Prospective pioneers that want to keep adventuring beyond the base The Oregon Trail experience can purchase its “Cowboys and Critters” DLC for $5. The DLC includes thirteen new stories that explore some of the more fearsome critters and animals on the trail and additional stories that focus on the Horse Creek Treaty, the Chisholm Trail Journey, and a select Native American story about the legend of “The People Eaters,” a cannibalistic, fearsome red-headed tribe who fought against the Numa people.

“Today’s launch on PlayStation gives our team a great sense of pride as we set out to make The Oregon Trail available to all gamers across all platforms,” said Stanislav Shchebyvovk, Game Manager. “While this journey to support PlayStation owners was nowhere near as arduous as the actual Oregon Trail, we are thrilled to have reached our destination and hope PS4 and PS5 players enjoy their experience!”

“We are thrilled to launch the classic game “The Oregon Trail” on PlayStation for the very first time. This marks a new milestone for the game as we bring a perennial favorite to a broader game audience, said Caroline Fraser, Head of HarperCollins Productions. “We believe the game’s winning combination of education and entertainment will continue to be a formula for success, and look forward to having more players join us on the trail!”

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