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Star Citizen will be free to play until February 15th.

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From Cloud Imperium Games:

CIG is inviting new and veteran players to play Star Citizen during the first Free Fly event of 2024. From Feb. 8-15, everyone can play for free with access to five diverse ships ranging from the luxury Origin 400i touring ship to MISC’s solo mining vessel, the Prospector. Following December’s Alpha 3.22: Wrecks to Riches update, which features expanded in-game PvP content at Jumptown, new open-world derelict settlements, 20 new and diverse hairstyles, improvements to Arena Commander, and much more, there’s never been a better time to explore the ‘verse! For full updates on this February Free Fly event, visit the official page.

Coinciding with the start of the Free Fly event are two in-game celebrations for citizens; Coramor and the Red Festival, the in-game equivalent of Valentines Day and Lunar New Year. Coramor takes place from Feb. 8-15, celebrating the season of love and commemorating a tragic tale of lovers lost in space. Throughout the event citizens are encouraged to exchange gifts with loved ones, visit their favorite romantic destinations, or send comms into the vastness of space in the hopes of attracting new love. Couples can also join a special ‘Duo Showdown’ mode in the Arena Commander module that’s active throughout the event, achieving relationship goals as they attempt to defeat other pairs of pilots to earn a unique challenge coin. Learn more about the history of the event and this year’s festivities here.

The Red Festival, active from Feb. 8-26, commemorates the Lunar New Year of 2954, the Year of the Dog. As is tradition, red envelopes have been hidden throughout the Stanton system for lucky players to discover and sell to vendors for always-useful aUEC currency. While the Year of the Dog embodies traits like loyalty, kindness, and honesty, a new Arena Commander mode, Kill Collector, will require quick reflexes and killer instincts as well. This fast-paced FPS deathmatch mode will require players to loot lucky red envelopes from defeated enemies, earning their team points and rewarding players with a special challenge coin for their efforts. For a more detailed breakdown of Red Festival activities and rewards, visit its dedicated site.

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