Ed joining Street Fighter 6

The boxer Ed is coming to Street Fighter 6 on February 27th.

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From Capcom:

Ed becomes the 21st playable character following Rashid and A.K.I.’s release last year. Players will encounter the pugilistic puncher across all three game modes of Street Fighter 6 – World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hub.

The “Ed Arrives!” Fighting Pass is also now live for a limited time, so players can pick up some boxing equipment for themselves and gear up for the fight!

Alongside Ed’s release, a brand new stage called Ruined Lab will drop, showcasing the aftermath of Shadaloo’s fall as its laboratory lies in shambles. Owners of the Year 1 Ultimate Pass and Ultimate Edition will automatically receive this stage when Ed is released. Various quality-of-life updates will also be introduced, including the ability to switch button displays on PC and an Extra Lighting feature being added to Photo Mode.

First appearing in Street Fighter V, after rejecting the evil intentions of M. Bison, Ed managed to escape the grasps of the Shadaloo organization and create Neo Shadaloo with the hopes of helping others like him. His attacks in Street Fighter 6 have changed significantly since the latest installment with all of his attacks now being punches. Ed, the initial inspiration of Modern Controls in Street Fighter 6, will also retain his simplified controls, while now receiving expanded inputs for his Classic Controls.

Get ready for some of Ed’s knockout moves, including:

• Psycho Flicker: A quick flicker jab from a distance that can go in one of three directions to catch the opponent off-guard and is vital to Ed’s ability to control space. If you hold this button down, Ed will use his Psycho Snatcher from Street Fighter V where he can pull in opponents with psycho-powered tendrils

• Psycho Blitz: Unleashes a series of punches cloaked in Psycho Power

• Psycho Storm: Ed’s Level 1 Super Art sees him striking opponents with a series of high-speed flicker jabs

• Psycho Cannon: Ed’s Level 2 Super Art, previously from Street Fighter V, generates a multi-hitting ball of psycho power that moves forward

• Psycho Chamber: Ed’s Level 3 Super Art turns opponents into his own personal punching bag by tying together their hands and feet and pummeling them in the name of Neo Shadaloo Ed will be unlocked for owners of the Year 1 Character Pass, Year 1 Ultimate Pass, Deluxe Edition, or Ultimate Edition on Feb. 27. Ed’s Outfit 2, which is inspired by his Story Outfit from Street Fighter V, will also be available when he arrives.

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