Highwater flows out in March

Rogue Games
The adventure games Highwater will launch on PC and consoles on March 14th.

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From Rogue Games:

The Earth may be drowning, but it sure looks good. Admire breathtaking waterways before stepping foot on potentially dangerous new lands. Engage enemies with classic turn-based combat and use items scattered around the environment like oars, harpoons, fishing rods, shopping carts and more to secure the upperhand. After the rascals have been routed, hang out with an unconventional but hilarious cast of characters while roasting rat kebabs over a burning oil drum and soaking in the sights.

A new life awaits! Escape the brutally damaged dry region of War Zone, infiltrate the impenetrable border of the exclusionary ultra-rich city of Alphaville, and reach a new horizon before it’s too late.

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