Uta, Shanks, and Koby join One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

Three new DLC packs based on One Piece Film: Red DLC are now available for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4.

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From Band:

The first DLC pack is the One Piece Film: Red Character Pack, which adds Red Hair Pirates’ Shanks (Film:Red), Shanks’ adopted daughter Uta (Film: Red), and Koby (Film: Red). Each new character comes with new movesets to tackle the enemy hordes. The character pack is available for purchase separately but is included for players who have already purchased Character Pass 2.

Character details:

• Uta (Film: Red): Shanks’ adoptive daughter and a childhood friend of Luffy’s. She is now a worldwide famous singer residing on Elegia island and seeks to start a new genesis, free from the hands of the pirates, whom she despises. Armed with her beautiful voice and the powers from the Sing-Sing Fruit, she can activate her Uta World and attack by sending the musical notes and confections she creates bouncing around. She can also transform into the Uta Knight and fly freely around the battlefield.

• Shanks (Film: Red): Red-Haired Shanks has never worn his name better than now, as he returns as a playable character. Shanks is a skilled swordsman and powerful Haki user. Years after leaving his adoptive daughter on Elegia, he comes back to attempt to save her and the island from a tragic end.

• Koby (Film: Red): Once a shy and fearful soldier, he has come a long way to become a respected leader in the Marines. His active role in the SWORD unit will lead him to Elegia island to investigate Uta’s influence on its inhabitants. Koby mainly fights hand-to-hand using the Six Powers. Landing his most powerful attacks will increase morale and enhance support attacks.

Alongside the Character Pack DLC, the Additional Episode 2 DLC, titled “Koby’s Combat Chronicles & Soul Map 2”, provides new single player content. This new content is available as part of the Additional Episode pack or can be purchased separately.

The third piece of DLC available beginning today is the One Piece Film: Red Anime Song Pack. As players fight waves of enemies, they can now listen along to the One Piece Film: Red soundtrack. Once purchased, the movie’s soundtrack can be chosen from the settings, in the battle preparation screen, right before jumping into action.

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