SPY x FAMILY CODE joins Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 today launched an in-game collaboration with SPY x Family today in celebration of the upcoming release of SPY x FAMILY CODE: White.

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From Capcom:
SPY x FAMILY CODE joins Street Fighter 6

Starting today, the massively popular SPY x FAMILY anime series kicks off a special, limited-time in-game collaboration with Street Fighter 6 to commemorate the upcoming release of the feature film SPY x FAMILY CODE: White. The collaboration features amazingly hand-crafted avatar costumes, new avatar customization options, and more!

For anyone that’s been wanting to hit the streets as Yor and Loid, your dream is now a reality! Players can deck out their avatar with Yor and Loid’s unique hairstyles via the avatar creator or purchase their respective outfits for 500 Drive Tickets each from the Battle Hub Collab Shop. Or if players really want to level up their game, they can enter the codes below in the avatar creation menu to look just like Yor or Loid in-game!

• Yor Avatar Recipe Code: SPY_SF6_YOR
• Loid Avatar Recipe Code: SPY_SF6_LOID

Additionally, all players who log into the game during the limited time event between January 9 – January 31 will receive special collaborative items like photo frames, stickers, and player titles via the “News” in Multi Menu. The Battle Hub will also have a new look to commemorate the collaboration during the event.

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