Resident Evil 4 launches VR Mode

Resident Evil 4 VR Mode is now available for PSVR2 as a free download to gamers who own Resident Evil 4 on PS5.

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From Capcom:

Virtual reality brings the full main campaign to life like never before and introduces a new level of fear to the reawakened classic.

The Resident Evil 4 VR Mode Gameplay Demo is also out now on the PlayStation Store. With this free demo, players who have yet to pick up the award-winning title can get a taste of the game’s action-packed opening. The demo also includes the mode’s new Shooting Range, which shows off the intuitive VR controls and realistic weapon mechanics.

Resident Evil 4 VR Mode transports players directly to into the game’s nightmarish world and allows them to truly become Leon S. Kennedy. Seeing the game’s familiar haunts through Leon’s eyes in VR adds a fresh level of intensity to his harrowing rescue mission. Players can now come face to face with Ganados and other frightening foes that feel as if they are right there. The vividly rendered environments look even more tangible when viewed in the PlayStation VR2’s 4K HDR display, and the 3D audio brings a whole new dimension to the eerie atmosphere.

Players can get up close and personal and interact with their surroundings in new ways with the realistic VR controls. The PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers allow for immersive inputs across puzzle-solving, exploration, and combat. Every tool in Leon’s arsenal is represented in incredible detail with haptic feedback that makes each firearm feel unique right down to the trigger. Weapons also include specific mechanics that are performed with authentic gestures, such as reloading shotguns with pumping actions or swinging Leon’s knife to execute parries and melee attacks.

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