Become King of the Hill in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite has launched its new Firefight: King of the Hill mode as part of its latest mid-season update.

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From Xbox:
Firefight: King of the Hill

Firefight: King of the Hill offers a refreshing twist on the beloved co-op wave-survival mode, where players fight to survive against hordes of Banished enemies, each wave stronger than the one that preceded it. Work together in Fireteams of four to overcome Banished forces and successfully capture five different hills that spawn throughout the match.

New sandbox item Repair Field is also now available and is the first piece of support equipment that allows players to become a Spartan Medic. The Repair Field can be thrown a short distance, attaching to the environment and even vehicles. Once deployed, the device arms and activates, emitting a healing field that restores health, shields, and vehicles. Finally, the Halo Infinite Mid-Season Update also launches updates to the Forge AI Toolkit, including the addition of High Value Targets and Major Bosses, the ability to join Custom Game Browser matches as a Fireteam, Ranked improvements, and more.

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