Apex Legends facing an Uprising

The Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event begins on December 5th.

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From EA:

The fate of the Outlands rests in players' hands with the Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event. Kicking off next week on December 5, players can fight in a 30 v 30 Revenant Uprising LTM as a Legend or a member of Revenant’s army. After the initial week, Revenant Uprising will be exclusive to weekends until January 2, where players will obtain several boosts and divine goodies while playing the event. On top of the Revenant Uprising Limited Time Mode, players can look forward to Gameplay Powerups, Legendary Cosmetics and more.

• Kill Code Finale - Play the epic finale of the Kill Code Saga, where players must escape Revenant- or join him.

• Revenant Uprising Limited Time Mode - Revenant’s army does anything to fight - swarming up the walls, across the ground and straight out of nightmares. The Legends may have the advantage at first, but if a squad is wiped, they join the simulacrum horde. Leading the Army is one player-controlled Red Eyed Revenant, with high-tier loot and Legend abilities.

• Weekly Rewards Track & Limited-Time Cosmetics- Players can get their hands on all new items with the Uprising Rewards Track, filled with unique Gameplay Powerups like Health Item Vision and Reduced Ultimate Cooldowns to use outside of Ranked, plus 24 limited-time cosmetics.

• Loba’s Prestige Skin - If players unlock all 24 Uprising Collection Event items before January 2, Loba’s new Prestige Skin “Apex Lycanthrope,” proving that wolves are deadliest when cornered, will be automatically unlocked.

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