Spellslinger's Saloon opens its doors in December

Blizzard Entertainment
Season 6 of Hearthstone Battlegrounds will begin on December 5th.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:
Spellslinger's Saloon

The wild west reaches the Battlegrounds Tavern with an all new season beginning December 5. Try your hand with three new heroes, all new spells, and 32 new minions before the Sheriff runs them all out of town!


• Spells have been added to Bob’s Tavern! Over 40 spells have joined the minion pool. With varying costs and effects, these add an extra layer to Battleground strategizing. Once purchased, they will stay in your hand as long as you like, for use only during the Recruiting phase.

• Spells have their own card frame while in the Tavern, displaying both the Cost and Tavern Tier.

• Each time the Tavern is refreshed, it will include a spell of your Tavern Tier or lower.

• Just like existing spells in Battlegrounds (like Blood Gems and Triple Rewards), spells can’t be tripled and are spent once you play them.


• The Tavern wouldn’t be complete without some troublesome western outlaws to shake things up. Meet Snake Eyes, who rolls a six-sided die to gain than much gold. Tae'thelan Bloodwatcher, whose passive power makes every third spell bought in the Tavern cost zero gold. And Doctor Holli'dae, who will give you a random spell upon request. These three provide plenty of ways to try out the new spells! Keep an eye out for these reveals.


• The minion pool gains 32 new minions, complete with new Undead minions that trigger Deathrattle/Reborn effects while in recruitment, and Quillboar that allow you to discard a spell to gain bonus effects. For more minion details, check out the announce blog.


• The shop gets a taste of the untamed west! Hit paydirt with Kingpin Denathrius, the Old Town Jailer, Ravenous Mutanus, and many more. Cosmetics will be available in the Battlegrounds Battle Pass Bundle and in the Battlegrounds shop.

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