Texas Chain Saw Massacre spreads to Nancy's House

Gun Interactive
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has added new DLC including a new free map and two new characters.

The Mercury
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From Gun Interactive:

Nancy is the newest addition to the notorious Slaughter Family. While much isn’t known about her, her past three husbands have all died mysterious deaths or vanished completely. Through incredibly awful circumstances, Nancy is also a makeshift mother to Johnny Slaughter, showcasing how monsters have their own makers. Players will also be able to learn more about Nancy as they play through the newest map, Nancy’s House.

Danny is the newest victim to join the roster. He may seem rough around the edges but he is an incredibly intelligent and caring person. Danny and Maria have a deep connection and he embarks on his own journey to find her. Heading off to Newt, Texas, players will be able to experience a character that could be crucial to his and his friends' survival.

Nancy and Danny are available now for $9.99 USD each.

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