NHL 24 releases Patch 1.2.1

EA Sports
NHL 24 released Patch 1.2.1 last week which included a number of changes and updates including adjustments to Full Pressure on defense, fixes for hip checking, and changes to X-Factor abilities.

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From EA Sports:
NHL 24 releases Patch 1.2.1

Key features in Patch 1.2.1:

• Full Pressure: Reduced time puck needs to be out of zone to end Full Pressure from 5 seconds to 3 seconds and made other changes to the system

• Hip Checks: Hip Checks now use default interference logic to create more consistent penalty calls, among other adjustments

• Penalties: Greatly reduced the probability of CPU Teammate taking penalties, and made this consistent across all Game Styles

• Goalie Settings: Fixed an issue where goalie control settings were not being saved after playing a game with the controls modified

• The Addition of Three of NHL 24’s Biggest Creators to HUT and World of Chel: Popular creators Nasher, Pavel Barber and Always Hockey are coming to HUT and World of Chel, sporting unique HUT Moments, uniforms and more

You can find the full patch notes for 1.2.1 here.

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