Get a Life Makeover for free

Archosaur Games
The lifestyle sim Life Makeover is now available for free on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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From Archosaur Games:

To make the launch more exciting Life Makeover unveils the Rose Prayer, a double five-star version! Until December 5th, dive into the latest fashion frenzy with the all-new five-star sets like Aphrodite's Wish and the Lake Spin, not to mention the enticing four-star set, Tranquil Dream. And that's not all - don't miss out on the limited-time appearance of SR bonds. It's time to elevate your style game!

Already popular on mobile platforms, Life Makeover is a free-to-play social simulation RPG, featuring deep character customization, outfit creation, and house design with an intriguing mystery story! Take your journey to the next level of lifestyle transformation with a dazzling graphics upgrade, lifelike weather systems, and a host of new features. Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate Life Makeover experience!

This PC version of Life Makeover is set to take your lifestyle sim to a whole new level of immersion with its improved graphics, higher resolution, optimized controls with a brand new UI for PC, and several new functions to boost your creativity! Keep reading to learn more!

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