Diesel Legacy announces playtest

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Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age will be running a playtest on Steam from December 13th through January 3rd.

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From Maximum Entertainment:
Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age

The free playtest will feature a slew of new content since announcement and the coinciding beta that ran in June. Learn more and play next month on Steam.

Fresh content playable starting Dec. 13 includes two new characters joining the four that were revealed in June. Nyra, a multi-armed grappler, and Eleanora, a mob boss with deadly gang assistants, join Rotwang, Rory, Ruby and Fritz. Additionally, a brand-new “Free for All” mode is available: four players, three lanes, winner takes all. Finally, new and updated mechanics for fallen characters will round out the experience.

Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age flips the traditional fighting formula by placing 2v2 local and online co-op matches front and center in the arena. The game features distinctly unique playable characters, multiple varied stages and an innovative three-lane system, offering devastating attacks and meaningful shifts to team dynamics and matchups against a gorgeous, hand-drawn Dieselpunk backdrop.

Matches are virtually lag-free thanks to the studio’s brand-new proprietary RealMatch rollback netcode, ensuring players don’t miss a single punch in any online match. Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age also features comprehensive training and story modes and allows players to go against AI opponents to hone their skills.

Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series XS and Nintendo Switch at a later date

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