The Elder Scrolls Online opens the Endless Archive on consoles

Bethesda Softworks
The Elder Scrolls Online Update 40 is now live on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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From Bethesda Softworks:

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 40 is now available for free on Xbox and PlayStation consoles for anyone who owns ESO. This update introduces an all-new PvE challenge, the Endless Archive, as well as a host of new features and additions to The Elder Scrolls Online. In tandem with today’s Update 40 launch, ESO also launched on consoles in Japan.

The Endless Archive is an all-new PvE challenge featuring a unique never-ending dungeon-like activity where players battle their way through dynamic and randomly generated stages filled with monsters and boss encounters. Players can choose to go solo or team up with a fellow player or Companion to traverse deeper into more Stages, Cycles, and Arcs. Difficulty gradually increases as players progress, unlocking a host of unique rewards not found in any other activity in the game. This includes a broad selection of collectibles, such as a mount, pet, cosmetics, and all-new Class sets.

Update 40 also features many updates for the main game, including a new Group Finder which allows players to create parties with more customization for the criteria that group members must meet, including:

• Player CP levels
• Whether they use in-game voice chat
• Their playstyle
• A desired group role composition

Additionally, Update 40 introduces Grand Master Crafting Stations, letting players merge all their home’s attuned crafting stations for a crafting skill line into one furnishing. Along with an assortment of other updates including a rebalance of Jewelry Crafting and Quest XP & Gold Standardization.

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