Call of Duty introduces new HQ

Call of Duty HQ is a new all-in-one portal for Modern Warfare II, Modern Warfare III, and Warzone released as a part of today's game update.

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From Activision:
Call of Duty HQ

Today's Call of Duty blog shares details about Call of Duty HQ, the gateway for Call of Duty across all console and PC platforms. By navigating within Call of Duty HQ, players will see each area of game content from Modern Warfare III, Warzone and Modern Warfare II, allowing for seamless switching between games and easier file size management.

Starting today, once players download the latest software updates in advance of Modern Warfare III’s worldwide launch, Call of Duty HQ will be the central location to play new and upcoming content for Modern Warfare III, as well as the launch pad for Warzone and Modern Warfare II. Head to the blog for all the intel on Call of Duty HQ.

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