The rent is coming due for The Sims

The Sims 4 For Rent Expansion Pack is coming on December 7th.

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From EA:
The Sims 4 For Rent Expansion Pack

In The Sims 4 For Rent Expansion Pack, Sims can experience the neighborhood of Tomarang as a Property Owner or tenant – fixing utilities, dealing with unruly neighbors, creating a community and even managing multiple Residential Rentals.

Inspired by a unique blend of tradition and modernity, Sims can immerse themselves in this Southeast Asian-inspired world and discover various new exciting community activities. To reflect elements of Southeast Asian culture, The Sims team proudly collaborated with Jason Chu, an Asian-American rapper, social justice advocate and cultural expert with family roots in Southeast Asia, to consult on the For Rent Expansion Pack to deliver more choices with how players explore and express their individuality.

When your Sim needs a break from the hustle and bustle of a big city, they can relax in the green haven of the botanical gardens, visit an animal sanctuary or leave Incense or Fruit offerings at the Spirit House, while child Sims can play Hopscotch and Marbles in the park.

As Sims move into these new Residential Rentals, it’s inevitable that they will get tangled up in each other’s lives. From basement suites to duplexes, Sims can discover drama right at their doorstep as they will have ample opportunity to discover each other’s secrets by eavesdropping, snooping or even breaking and entering.

With so much to chat about, Sims can head on over to the city’s iconic Night Market for an evening stroll. After exploring a world aglow with lanterns, buzzing with vendors, tantalizing foods and unique items, Sims can be inspired to eat like locals at home where they can cook dishes including Khao Niao Mamuang, Tofu Pad Thai, Pancit Bihon, Burmese Samosa Soup and Banh Cuon. After their meals, Sims can enjoy a Halo Halo and a Thai Iced Milk Tea.

We know apartments and multi-residential rentals have been highly requested by players, and we wanted to ensure that this feature offered enriched and immersive gameplay that expands on the multitude of storytelling opportunities. The Sims 4 For Rent Expansion Pack introduces a new dimension to housing options, enhancing the overall depth and complexity of Sims’ relationships, personalities and experiences.

For the first time ever in The Sims 4, Simmers can build a fully customizable multi-unit dwelling where multiple Sim families can live on the same lot. This is possible in ANY liveable The Sims 4 world!

In Tomarang, these gorgeous dwellings feature versatile wooden window shades, homes on stilts near scenic beaches as well as historic bridges. For interiors, there are traditional wood carvings and rattan furniture available alongside traditional Southeast Asian-inspired rugs, chairs, tiles and lamps.

New Residential Rentals allow a Sim to get creative with fully customizable multi-family dwellings. Give your Sims a basement suite to rent out, create a cozy duplex for close families or even build spacious apartments for large families.

Community events, like a Potluck and Pool Parties, provide the perfect opportunities for Sims to engage with their neighbors and get a sense of community within their Residential Rental.

Sims can soon evolve into savvy Property Owners and live amongst tenants or maintain separate residences while generating income from multiple property investments. While being at home can be relaxing, Property Owners may face a tenant revolt if you allow your ratings to slip too low, amongst other potential surprises including insect infestations, and challenges including mold.

To further immerse players into the world of For Rent, Sims can gain four new Aspirations, five Traits and a new Fear that help create unexpected and exciting stories. Tenants can experience evictions, and as a result, Fears now include a tenant being afraid of being evicted due to misbehavior–but don’t worry, you can always give someone a second chance!

On the flip side, Property Managers have their own layer of responsibility. It's not all fun and games! Property Owners can visit and do inspections, shoring up any broken objects—including the new Water Heater and Electrical Fuse Box utility objects. No Tenant is going to want cold water or flickering lights.

Sims can also have Aspirations to become the nosiest of Seeker of Secrets, a Five-Star Property Owner, the local Fount of Tomarani Knowledge, or a Discerning Dweller–the best neighbor and tenant ever. To make these communities even more interesting, Sims have five new traits. Sims can be Nosy, Generous, Cringe, Child of the Village and the Elder specific Wise–as wisdom comes with age.

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