Diablo IV releases new patch

Blizzard Entertainment
Patch 1.2.1 for Diablo IV is now live.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:
Diablo IV releases new patch

PATCH 1.2.1

• A Refund All button has been added to Paragon Boards to allow players to easily do big re-specs and try out new character builds.

• Take on the Training Dummy to test your skills in an underground room whose entrance can be found in Kyovashad. Players can choose to take on one Training Dummy or a small group of them, as well as set up the difficulty level.

• Blood Wells now drop more piles of Potent Blood, slightly increasing the total average amount dropped.

• Additional information was added to Vampiric Powers tooltips and upgrade screen.

• The search area has been reduced for all Whispers that require the player to find and kill a specific monster.

• Several bug fixes have been implemented across accessibility, dungeons, events, gameplay, and more.

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