Sarah Michelle Gellar looking for vampire hunters

Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo IV and Sarah Michelle Gellar are looking for three vampire hunters interested in winning a vampire hunter kit, credits, and a personalized letter from Sarah.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:
Sarah Michelle Gellar looking for vampire hunters

In the shadows of Diablo IV: Season of Blood, the battle of the undead has taken a thrilling turn as Vampires have escaped the depths of Hell and infiltrated Sanctuary. In these dire times, Diablo has teamed up with Sarah Michelle Gellar to embark on a quest, seeking real Vampire Hunters who will defend humanity against blood seekers and nightwalkers.

Brave souls are invited to show off their skills and prove their worth by submitting clips that demonstrate their hunting ability against the forces of darkness. Whether it’s the clever use of garlic or other unconventional talents, true Vampire Hunters are encouraged to get creative in their vampire hunting auditions. All have the potential to be hunters, but there can only be the Chosen Three, who will be personally selected by Gellar.

Addressing any stake-wielding hopefuls, Gellar shares, “I know firsthand the strength it requires to stand against the supernatural. Now, together with Diablo IV, we are encouraging you to showcase your imagination and embrace the weird this spooky season! Your auditions could be the turning point we’re looking for in our fight against safeguarding humanity. I can’t wait to see your unique spirit shine through in your submissions and be part of identifying our true Hunters.”

Finalists will not only have the honor of protecting all of humanity, they will also be rewarded with a bespoke Vampire hunting kit, a personalized letter from Sarah herself, and credits. Submissions open now. To join the ranks, submit your unique vampire hunting auditions to #DiabloHunters on Instagram, TikTok or X. See here for more details.

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