Armored Core for Answer rolls into stores

Today Ubisoft announced that Armored Core for Answer is now available in stores throughout North America.


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From Ubisoft:

Featuring epic boss battles, seamless online co-op and multiplayer modes, and a nearly limitless amount of customization options for your mech, Armored Core for Answer offers gamers the ultimate experience in mech simulation and is the only mech game of its kind releasing in 2008.

About Armored Core for Answer
In the distant future, massive urban development and pollution have critically damaged the planet. There is widespread fear that the end of the world is approaching. The League of Corporations, a military superpower, controls the planet's infrastructure and has forced most of the world's population to live in huge aerial communities, called Cradles, to avoid the contamination. The ORCA, a rebel resistance still residing on the surface of the polluted planet, has amassed a formidable arsenal and is mobilizing an attack on The League's bases to put an end to its iron grip on the planet. As a mercenary armed with cutting-edge military robot technology, choose your side and defeat the other factions by harnessing the power of the deadliest and most gigantic weapons ever created by mankind.


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