The Witcher: Path of Destiny campaign launched

The crowdfunding campaign for The Witcher: Path of Destiny board game was launched today.

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The Witcher: Path of Destiny

The Witcher: Path of Destiny is a brand new board game from Go On Board, creators of The Witcher: Old World and other games. Tailored for 1-5 players, the title will see participants take control of some of the greatest heroes from The Witcher series of games — including Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, Vesemir, and Dandelion — and relive iconic stories from all around the Continent, with a twist! As players engage in board- and card-based gameplay, they may choose to make different choices and diverge from the original path to explore various “what-ifs”. Combining immersive storytelling in a rich and dark fantasy world with easy-to-learn yet deep mechanics that integrate tableau-building, hand management, and strategic thinking, Path of Destiny will offer a wholly new experience within the The Witcher franchise.

“With The Witcher: Old World, the Go On Board team proved that they not only know what makes The Witcher world tick, but also how to adapt the setting perfectly into a unique and engaging board game experience that wholeheartedly embraces its source material,” said Jan Rosner, VP of Business Development, CD PROJEKT RED. “Our next joint project, Path of Destiny, will be just as unique, if not more so, by letting players interact with the world of The Witcher like never before, with choices having consequences that can lead well known stories toward thrilling new conclusions. Exploring these possibilities is a lot of fun, regardless of board game experience or knowledge of The Witcher universe. I can’t wait for you to check it out — do let us know what you think!”

Participation in the project’s Gamefound campaign is open to anyone wishing to contribute. The Go On Board team has prepared a variety of options for pledging support, as well as numerous stretch goals — when unlocked, they will influence the game’s content. Several pledge options also entail receiving the game prior to its retail release in either a standard or deluxe variant, with the latter including all content featured in the standard edition, as well as everything unlocked during the crowdfunding campaign and exclusive deluxe edition goodies.

Join the crowdfunding campaign for The Witcher: Path of Destiny.

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