Halo Infinite meets its Reckoning

Halo Infinite launched Season 5: Reckoning today.

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From Xbox:

As the third major update to Halo Infinite this year, Season 5: Reckoning adds to the game’s constantly expanding library of content, with features including:
• Two new Arena maps – Forbidden and Prism
• The return of Halo 4’s popular “Extraction” mode
• New equipment – the Bandit Evo rifle
• Match XP in Custom Games
• An all-new “tighter, more efficient” 50-level premium Battle Pass
• COMING SOON: Firefight returns with the new Firefight: King of the Hill mode

Lastly, Season 5 brings the new Forge AI Toolkit, which enables players to harness the power of campaign AI to create and share PVE (or even PVPVE) experiences in Halo Infinite. Check out Xbox Wire’s deep dive on the new feature here.

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