Battlefield 2042 opening Free Access

Battlefield 2042 has launched Season 6: Dark Creations, and will be free-to-play from October 12th through 16th.

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From EA:
Battlefield 2042 opening Free Access

Starting today, Battlefield 2042 will be free on all platforms from October 12-16 - meaning that there is no better time to master the unknown in the newest season.

In Season 6, players must master the unknown to survive in a secret tech-research facility performing highly classified experiments on a new map hidden within the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Inspired by fan-favorite maps from the series’ past - like Operation Locker (Battlefield 4) and Operation Metro (Battlefield 3) - Redacted is the first new map in the franchise to feature a completely indoor subterranean environment built with tight contained playspaces that make for an intense and claustrophobic experience.

Please find a quick breakdown of additional Season 6 content below:

o VHX D3 - This unique and futuristic assault rifle features optimized portability and performance, making it a valuable asset for close and medium-range combat. Portable. Powerful. And pulverizing to any enemy that comes out of the shadows.
o L9CZ - A new best friend in close quarters, this semi-automatic, highly accurate sidearm is a go-to when your primary weapon runs dry.
o G428 - An all new DMR offering exceptional accuracy and substantial penetration power that can help players turn enemies into prey.

o Ammo & Medical Pouches - Players may now support their squads by throwing them pouches that will let them replenish their ammo or health. A valuable lifeline when death is creeping upon you and your team.

o YUV-2 “Pondhawk” - A dynamic two-person transport featuring flight capabilities, letting a player and a buddy quickly provide support and rush objectives.

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