Baldur's Gate 3 summons the Magic Mirror

Larian Studios
Patch 3 has been released for Baldur's Gate 3, adding a Magic Mirror, Mac support, and a number of bug fixes.

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From Larian Studios:
The Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror lives in the party’s camp and allows players to change up their appearance whenever they’d like. There are some restrictions: your appearance, voice, pronouns and nether region can be changed, but race/subrace and body type cannot. Origin characters, hirelings, and full illithids cannot use the Magic Mirror, and any cosmetic modifications that are a consequence of gameplay choices will persist – Hag got your eye? Swallow any interesting tadpoles lately? There’s no Magic Mirroring those big life decisions away!

Mac Support

Where previously Mac support was limited to early access, the full release of Baldur’s Gate 3 is now available to Mac players via Steam.

Bug Fixes

Patch 3 also contains many pages of bug fixes, tweaks and improvements. Does your dog begin to float away when he senses the postman is near? Patch 3’s got a fix for that! Read the full patch notes on Steam.

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