Junkworld lands on Apple Arcade

Ironhide Game Studio
The strategy tower defense game from Ironhide Game Studio, Junkworld, debuted on Apple Arcade today.

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From Ironhide Game Studio:

Junkworld is a brand-new IP from the creators of the award-winning Kingdom Rush saga. Mixing epic challenges, charming gameplay and Ironhide’s signature humor, Junkworld empowers players to command a clan of scavengers through dangerous landscapes like a barren desert and radioactive swamp, in an action-packed battle for survival. Players must place towers efficiently to bring down foes, use tactic cards with special units and gadgets, and train crazy-looking heroes. The best combinations will destroy countless waves of enemies!

In Junkworld, the mission is to defeat The Order across four different terrains with stages full of adventure, challenging weather conditions, unpredictable challenges and fast-paced battles.


• 40+ upgradable cards, consisting of:
• 16 TOWERS with special skills - From a tower with hydraulic drills, mechanical bulls, to one that transforms enemies into sheep
• 16 TACTICS ready to be deployed - Deploy up to 4 tactics per stage from Landmines to Misfits, or even a tiny machine that creates powerful whirlwinds and deck your enemies down
• 9 HEROES to command - Upgrade them to unleash all their power and abilities to enhance the players defense.

• 4 Different Terrains with:
• 80 campaign stages - Each terrain has a specific, original environment, weather conditions and battlefield configuration.
• 75 Special Missions - Missions that set special rules on an existent stage that change radically how it's played.
• 70 Side Quests - To be achieved passively while playing the game and give the player rewards when finished.
• 30 different enemies - Consisting of 4 different enemy factions and 4 original boss fights

• An Advanced Enemy Intel System:
• Providing information about strengths and weaknesses of every enemy the player discovers

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