Cyberpunk 2077 releases Update 2.0

The free Update 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077 was released today.

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Update 2.0 is the biggest free update to Cyberpunk 2077 yet, bringing a variety of major new and reworked features to the game that impact almost every aspect of the gameplay experience. The update is available right now for all players who own Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox Series XS, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Among the most significant gameplay overhauls featured in Updated 2.0 are skill trees and perks, which have been completely reworked. Many entirely new skills are now available in the game, adding exciting abilities that open up new ways to play. The new trees have been designed to bring even more freedom to players, allowing them to easily and intuitively build unique and effective playstyles.

Another vital addition to the game is the revamped cyberware system — with cyberware now responsible for armor. However, that's not all — a system of cyberware limit tied to the character's level has also been introduced in Update 2.0. Thanks to those changes, each visit to the ripperdoc now requires a more strategic approach, which brings even more variety to the gameplay.

A brand new addition to the game is vehicle combat — enabling the use of weapons and quickhacks while controlling a vehicle. Players can now fire guns freely while driving, use katanas on motorcycles, take remote control of enemy cars and detonate them, and participate in dynamic chases all over Night City.

Going hand in hand with vehicle combat is a new police system, which now features improved AI and operates under a new threat escalation system. NCPD forces now react appropriately to the player's behavior on the streets and, depending on the heat level, will show more determination and use new means of fighting the threat, such as barricades. At the highest heat level, a real challenge awaits players — MaxTac. Each clash with this elite NCPD unit is a dynamic and highly demanding boss battle.

This is only a fraction of what Update 2.0 has to offer. It also includes refreshed enemy AI, improved UI and UX, and changes to rewards, items, and crafting — all of these were discussed in detail during the latest REDStreams by Filip Downar, lead gameplay designer, and Rafal Obrebski, gameplay designer & gameplay design coordinator at CD PROJEKT RED.

Update 2.0 also brings three new radio stations to the base game: Growl FM, whose playlist was created entirely by the Cyberpunk 2077 community, Impulse Radio, featuring a DJ set by Idris Elba — who plays the role of Solomon Reed in the expansion — and Darkstar Radio which features two of Elba’s songs.

That's not all that's coming to Cyberpunk 2077 — Phantom Liberty, a fully fledged expansion for the base game, will launch on September 26th on Xbox Series XS, PlayStation 5, and PC, and will be available for streaming via GeForce NOW. It will offer a brand-new spy-thriller story, a completely new district to explore, new quests, contracts, items, weapons, and much more.

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