Party Animals starts the party

Recreate Games
Party Animals, the multiplayer brawler featuring cuddly creatures, launch today on PC and Xbox.

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From Recreate Games:

Expect lots of laughs as players attempt to toss, grapple, hit, and swing their pals around... or hilariously stumble face-first in the process. This highly-anticipated, ridiculously cute co-op brawler features seamless crossplay between platforms, so inviting everyone to the party is easier than ever! Check out the official launch announcement trailer:

“Our team is so happy that Party Animals has officially launched! We are incredibly thankful for the support and patience from our community over the years and we can't wait to hear from more players as they experience the full game. We hope everyone enjoys some fun times with friends and makes some new ones within the game!” Zixiong, Producer & Art Director

The three closed betas that took place in the three weekends were a tremendous help in ensuring the party starts today without a hitch! A whopping 12 new maps that weren’t available in the beta weekends are included in today’s launch, for a total of 20 various maps for players to fling, fight, and wobble their way through. Here’s a brief overview of the three game modes and all 20 maps!

Nine “Last Stand” Maps:

Default teams of two, can also be changed to free-for-all or teams of four, aim to be the last one standing in these brawl-focused matches.

• Ichiban - Engage in a fight on a flat arena surrounded by a creeping green fog. As the battle progresses, this fog rises onto the stage and drains health from anyone within it.

• Typhoon - Battle atop a nuclear submarine that periodically launches missiles, creating powerful shockwaves. Over time, the submarine begins to sink, necessitating a climb to higher ground for survival.

• Broken Arrow - Struggle on a fighter jet that tilts and sways, with strong winds adding to the challenge. As time passes, the plane's surface becomes icy and slippery.

• Winter Is Coming - Fight beside the bonfires of a snowy village. In the midst of a snowstorm, maintain proximity to the fire to prevent freezing. As time passes, the fires one by one die out.

• Wind Tunnel - Battle within a wind tunnel where occasional gusts can blow players away. Players can raise three wind shields by pulling levers within the arena. However, these levers will gradually break with increased use.

• Black Hole Lab - Fight within a lab where black holes are generated. During these events, hold onto heavy objects to resist being sucked in. Over time, the black holes' gravitational pull increases.

• Beat-Up Bridge - Battle on a deteriorating suspension bridge. The ropes can be broken, and they will also gradually snap on their own over time.

• Gator Valley - Fight on a decrepit log bridge beside a waterfall at the edge of a massive alligator-shaped valley. Occasional large waves can push the log bridge towards the cliff.

• Ice Breaker - Engage in combat on a floating ice sheet. Falling into the water for too long turns players into an ice block. Over time, the ice sheet cracks into smaller pieces.

Nine “Team Score” Maps:

Teams of 4 players compete against each other to complete the objective.

• Lollipop Factory - Fight in a candy factory, scrambling for large gummy bears and small candies. Win by bringing candies back to your base and prevent the opponent from scoring.

• Fluffy Redemption - Two teams on parallel trains throw coal into their train's furnace to speed up, or pull the handbrake on the opponent's train to halt their progress.

• Into the Game - Score points in an arcade by playing a coin-eating game or fight against opponents who are playing the game.

• Safely Afloat - Compete for safes hung from floating balloons, score by pulling them back to your base.

• Trebuchet - Score by launching bombs with a trebuchet to the opponent's side. Prevent scoring by throwing incoming bombs into the water, or create chaos by launching yourself to the opponent's side.

• Buzz Ball - A basketball-like game where you score by throwing an electric ball into the opponent's goal. If too many players hold the ball, it explodes.

• Beast Hockey - A hockey-like game where you use your fists and feet, and the puck is bigger than your character.

• Beast Football - An American football-like game where hitting opponents is allowed.

• Beast Soccer - A soccer-like game with an unusually large ball, and you're allowed to use your punches.

Two “Arcade” Maps:

Teams of 4 players each start with 10 lives. The team that manages to preserve at least one life while the opposing team loses all theirs is declared the winner.

• Winter Cabin - Engage in a brawl within a winter milk bar. Drinking expired milk grants super strength but may cause dizziness. Staying outside too long will freeze you.

• Final Destination - Fight in an abandoned subway station, but be careful not to fall onto the tracks.

Party Animals provides a range of adorable animals, from puppies and kittens to bunnies and duckies, in the cutest cooperative brawler you’ve ever seen! The unique physics engine, developed in-house by Recreate Games, features completely physics-driven character movements, leading to unpredictable yet hilarious encounters as the cute critters wrestle, punch, throw, and grapple their way through various task-oriented or competitive games in online or offline modes.

Will your punch land in that sweet spot and send your foe flying off the stage, or will it knock your character completely off balance? If you get tangled up in a rumble with your friends and frenemies, all you can do is hope for the best! Win or lose, it’s difficult to feel frustrated when you’re having so much floppy fun. Paw up, grab a plunger, and let’s get this party started!

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