Witchfire fired into Early Access

The Astronauts
The first-person shooter Witchfire launched into Early Access on the Epic Games Store today.

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From The Astronauts:
Witchfire fired into Early Access

Armed with forbidden pagan magic and infernal firearms as one of the Vatican’s elite preyers, players will experience a world that adapts to their progress. The longer a preyer brazenly clings to life, amassing more power and a greater arsenal, the Witch will sense this growing threat and send forth deadly cataclysms and more powerful minions. Greater success means greater challenges to conquer.

Preyers have the freedom to choose their methods of witch-hunting: a sharpshooter’s agile fingers, a tactician’s analytical mind, or the warlock’s eldritch might and magical relics. Select or combine these tactics to determine the most suitable path to victory. Furthermore, the preyer is not bound by time restrictions— you can rush into a huge mob of enemies, eliminate them one by one from afar, steer clear of a fight, or provoke more battles for bigger rewards. Only you decide which path to embark upon.

“In Witchfire, players wield freedom to hunt the way they choose with a wide arsenal of weapons and magics. This is a roguelite home for wayward players looking to immerse themselves in a dark world and meet challenges with even darker solutions.” said Adrian Chmielarz, Creative Director and Co-Founder of The Astronauts.

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