Dropkick Navvy dropped onto Steam

Ocean Drive Studio
Dropkick Navvy, a crafting-survival adventure game, is now available as a free demo on Steam.

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From Ocean Drive Studio:

Join the adventure created by two passionate developers aiming to offer a cute and fun experience to fans of physics-based crafting games with light puzzle and platform elements.

Play as Navvy, a fairy tasked to rebuild the world from scratch by upgrading the World Tree. To do so, you’ll have to water it and sustain its environment by crafting items. Unlike some crafting sims, Dropkick Navvy has an ending when the world hits its 7th level, after the World Tree would have grown 6 times.

Hyeonseong Cha, 50% of the Dropkick Navvy dev team says: “Since we are a small team, the scale of the project is somewhat limited at the moment. However, this limitation comes with the advantage of allowing us to exercise creative freedom, experiment easily, and remain agile while making a game we ourselves can enjoy. We aim to develop a game that, while small in scale, offers a unique experience. We hope our players will find Dropkick Navvy to be exactly that.”

"In the last two years, we have delivered two games to the players’ library and have learned a lot in the process. While I don’t know if there is one surefire way to release successful games, I have doubly confirmed that player feedback is key for Ocean Drive Studio. So, I’m delighted to share Dropkick Navvy at this very early stage and start the conversation with our players." adds Jae Kim, CEO of Ocean Drive Studio.

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