Apex Legends unleashing the Harbingers

Respawn Entertainment
The Harbingers Collection Event will run in Apex Legends from September 19th through October 3rd.

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From Respawn Entertainment:

Get ready to rock and roll because EA and Respawn are gearing up to fight the end of the world in Apex Legends with the Harbingers Collection Event. This upcoming event introduces Living Shell Trios, “World’s Edge After Dark,” limited-time cosmetics and more.

Additional details found below and in the new blog post here.

• Living Shell Trios - Become Messengers of Death by unleashing the “Rev Shell,” a grenade that seeks enemy targets and explodes on impact.

• World’s Edge After Dark - Introducing a hellish version of Talos’ battleground, complete with the resurrected Train.

• Rewards Track & Omen-Inducing Cosmetics - Players can earn all new items with the event’s Rewards Track, plus 24 limited-time cosmetics such as Gibraltar’s “Grave Protector” skin and matching “Eclipse Bringer” Charge Rifle skin.

• Fuse’s Heirloom - If players unlock all 24 Harbingers Collection Event items before October 3, Fuse’s “Razor’s Edge,” an electric guitar tuned to shred enemies, will be automatically unlocked.

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