The Elder Scrolls Online releases Update 39

Bethesda Softworks
The quality of life patch, Update 39, was released for The Elder Scrolls Online on PC today, and will be released for console in September.

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From Bethesda Softworks:
The Elder Scrolls Online releases Update 39

As a base-game update, Update 39 is now available on PC/Mac with Xbox and PlayStation consoles receiving the update on September 5. More details on what’s included in this update can be found below.

General improvements include Quest & Content Improvements for New Players, this features a series of changes that reduce the volume and frequency of quests offered to your low-level characters. Instead, these quests will now be delivered more gradually as new players level up, helping them ease into their journey through ESO. In addition, Tamriel’s navigator NPCs that can transport characters between destinations have also received some improvements with this update. Now, these navigators will indicate whether they can transport players to a location for tracked quests (active or inactive.)

Alongside the quest and content Update 39 also includes changes to key item types to help improve item management. Similar Crown Store items that came from separate sources can now all be stacked together using the “Stack All Items” option. Also, this patch adds better communication regarding which items can or cannot be sold, helping players identify and clear out unwanted items.

In addition to the above, Update 39 features additions to PvP including improved death notifications, Treasure Scamp Drop Boosts, and new rewards including three Cyrodiil-based Monster Masks. Alongside PvP updates, are some home editor improvements which features Preview Crown Furnishings, allowing players to see how a furnishing would fit into their home before purchasing, as well as Inventory Furnishing Placement, which allows players to place items in their homes direct from their inventories and Collections.

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