Hearthstone unleashes the Titans

Blizzard Entertainment
The Titans expansion for Hearthstone is now live.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:
Hearthstone unleashes the Titans

BEHOLD! The gods of the Warcraft universe have arrived on the planet of Azeroth. From their city of Ulduar, the titans are using their massive forges to create the races that will inhabit the world, all while setting them up for success! This expansion is packed full of advanced titan technologies, with 145 brand new cards - including 10 Legendary Titan minions - a new Keyword: Forge, a returning Keyword: Magnetic, and an all-new Twist on the Classic mode.


• The TITANS expansion consists of 145 new collectible cards.
• Each class will have a Titan of it’s own to add a mega-boost of power to your deck. Strategize their powerful abilities to maximize your Titan’s impact!


• New Titan Minions: The pantheon of Titans shaped Azeroth with their technologies, and now it’s your turn! Each of the eleven Titans comes with a passive ability, plus three additional abilities specific to the class it represents. Each turn will allow you to play one of the abilities, and the Titan will be able to attack normally once all three are used.
• New Keyword: Forge: Cards with the keyword Forge can be upgraded while in your hand. For the cost of two mana, simply drag the card back into your deck. This is considered “forging”, and the card will immediately return to your hand with an upgraded mechanic.
• Returning Keyword: Magnetic: First introduced in ‘The Boomsday Project’ expansion, the popular keyword Magnetic has returned to the meta—more so than before! Now, cards with Magnetic won’t require a space on the board to magnetize to others, allowing you to build a stronger lineup.

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